The official logo


our logo

The official logo of Blue Convention 2019 represents many aspects of ball in Québec. 

First, our logo is inspired by our famous Expos, hence the two-color circular shape forming the "0" of 2019. The two colors also reprensent the unity of French and English Canada in Softball.

Second, the yellow within the circle represents the color of the softball which is very unique. 

Third, the Québec province is inserted within the softball to demonstrate that the Convention will be held in "la Belle Province". 

2019 will be the year when the 10th Convention will take place. 

Finally, the blue 2019 represents the color of all umpires ... "Blue". 


The logo Contest

Thank you to all of you who participated in the logo contest for Blue Convention 2019. 


The winners are : 

1st place: Stuart Bowden, ON

2nd place: Stéphanie Bolduc, QC

3rd place: Jason Ranchoux, BC


A special thank you goes to Richard Lawson who created the Blue Convention 2019 logo in its final version.